Online Spiritual Directors (Holy Week 2017 Online Retreat)

Online Spiritual Directors (Holy Week 2017 Online Retreat)

ONLINE SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS will be available to respond to your questions and sharing during this year’s online Holy Week retreat, starting this Holy Thursday at Click on the orange tab (Online Spiritual Directors) found in the lower left portion of this page. You may also leave your reflections in the comment section below.

You may also offer prayers for your family and friends through our e-mass cards here. Have a blessed and grace-filled Holy Week retreat!

Anton on April 11, 2017 AT 08 am

So excited to go on retreat!

Kyt on April 11, 2017 AT 09 pm

See you all on maundy thursday. God bless

    Pinoy Jesuits on April 11, 2017 AT 10 pm

    God bless! 🙂

Jed Santo Domingo on April 12, 2017 AT 04 am

Oh man thank you so much for making this available. I wanted so badly to go to a traditional retreat out of town but couldn’t. Now at least I can excuse myself for a bit everyday wherever I am. May I ask anyone for guidance on fasting/abstinence/ Mass obligations these next few days? 🙂 Thanks!

    Pinoy Jesuits on April 12, 2017 AT 08 pm

    Hi Jed, here’s a quick guide to fasting/abstinence during the Holy Week. Have a blessed Holy Week!

BOYET on April 12, 2017 AT 05 am


Christie on April 12, 2017 AT 11 pm

How do i join the retreat?

    Pinoy Jesuits on April 13, 2017 AT 12 am

    Hi Cristie, you may click on the link above. Thanks and God bless!

Tes on April 13, 2017 AT 02 pm

Thank you for making this available to us who are in dire need of reconnecting with our Father God. In my case, i just feel God is the one who is disenchanted with me for I have fallen short of His glory. I am burdened with sin. But having attended this Maundy Thursday online retreat, I know that God wanted me to know the He and Jesus are still looking out for me and trying to bring me back home. To all online retreatants and priests here, please include me in your prayer because I really want to be found. Pray that I’d be able to find my way back home to Our Father.

    Pinoy Jesuits on April 13, 2017 AT 06 pm

    We will be especially praying for you, Tes. God bless!

Bro R on April 14, 2017 AT 02 am

Suffering is the language of loving according to Fr. Roque Feriols,SJ. When we allow ourselves to love even in the most difficult situation, we find ourselves suffering not because we love drama. It means we are courageous enough to trust that beyond suffering we can honestly say, it’s worth enough that we experienced how to love and be loved hopefully in return (although this is not always the case). Be not afraid to suffer, be not afraid to love.

Tessie on April 14, 2017 AT 03 am

Why did Jesus have to suffer so much?

    Fr EE on April 14, 2017 AT 03 am

    Hi, Fr Arnel Aquino gave a beautiful reflection on why Jesus had to suffer much. Here’s the link to his reflection. God bless!

Joy on April 14, 2017 AT 03 am

I am grateful for
this chance to go on a self-retreat. I have not
had the chance to
arrange for a much- needed retreat for years now. This is indeed a grace and a blessing! Thank you, Fr. Johnny.

    Fr EE on April 14, 2017 AT 06 am

    Thank you, Joy. May you have a fruitful Holy Week! God bless!

Tessie. B. Estagle on April 14, 2017 AT 08 pm

Thank you, Bro. R for your message on suffering . Thank you Fr.EE for Fr. Aquino’s link to his reflection…

    Bro R on April 14, 2017 AT 11 pm

    You’re welcome Tessie. God bless and have a fruitful Holy Week. Just continue praying and I suggest that we pray also for our brothers and sisters who might be suffering also in various ways e.g., those in Middle East especially children and women. Let’s pray that they may be able to bear all the sufferings they encounter everyday and that they may continue to hope and trust the providence of God.

Papa Bear on April 15, 2017 AT 01 am

Today I started my retreat for Holy Week emulating my second son who has been for the past three days going to the live on in the Ateneo. And my learning for the first day is how blessed I am because inspite my wife dying 15 years ago I don’t remember being left alone by God. Right now I am disenchanted with my country and the world. Thank you for this online retreat.

cbl on April 15, 2017 AT 02 am

I am just grateful. The retreats are perfectly timed… answered prayers. How great is our God. I love you Lord. +AMDG

Cecille on April 15, 2017 AT 02 am

Yesterday’s reflections made me weep, I still have to figure out why. Is it sadness? Is it…relief, knowing Jesus the Messiah was not spared suffering even if Our Father could have summoned all the angels in Heaven to relieve him of the Cup of Suffering?

I wonder how Cousins John and Jesus met the first time after the Crucifixion? Could John have wept like I did?

I am still distiling my thoughts, pardon me.

Bro R on April 15, 2017 AT 02 am

Today we’re asked the grace to surrender to the SPIRIT-the risen spirit of Christ. There are many things happening in our lives that we don’t understand. As human as we are, we seek to understand everything around us and there’s nothing wrong about that. But we have to accept the reality that our capacity to understand is limited and our only hope is trust the Lord who knows everything. Believe in Him and trust Him wholeheartedly. Again we need to SURRENDER in order to UNDERSTAND.

Papa Bear on April 15, 2017 AT 09 am

It is the second day of my retreat and I find solace in the difference between disillusionment and disenchantment
And hopefully understand
my disillusionment with one of my siblings. At the same time the tearing of the curtain at the temple was given a significant meaning which at my old age I have just realized. Thank you for enabling me to see these things.

Tessie. B. Estagle on April 16, 2017 AT 04 am

My best retreat ever…( even if I am used to do the Creighton’s on line retreat) Thank you very much. Am so glad I was able to share this retreat to friends. Am looking forward to next year’s….

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