Jesuit Archives

The Archives of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus (APP-SJ)

The Archives of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus (APP-SJ) is a private religious archives governed by the Catholic Church’s Canon Law and the internal laws and guidelines of the Society of Jesus. It is intended primarily for the internal use of the governance of the Philippine Jesuits.

The Archives, located in Loyola House of Studies, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City and under the care of the Province Archivist, are the historical archives of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus. Historical refers to documents 50 years or older. Current archives are still in the institutions, like schools and universities, and other offices. Jesuit schools and universities ideally maintain their own historical archives.

Historical archives related to universities and other Jesuit apostolates and institutions are under the university, apostolate or institution that owns the records, not in APP-SJ.

Although private in nature and intended for the governance and institutional memory of the Jesuits in the Philippines, some material may be relevant to the general history of the Philippines and Asia. As such, access to the APP-SJ may be allowed with the permission of Father Provincial or Father Socius, and the endorsement of the Province Archivist.


The collection of the Archives of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus is arranged into four record groups. Each record group has series and subseries. You can access them here.


1. APP-SJ is open only to researchers who have the intention of publishing an academic literature, or conduct a public presentation via media or exhibits.

2. Researchers who may want access to APP-SJ must first send an email ( addressed to the Province Archivist and ask whether the data, information, or document being sought might be in APP-SJ.

3. Upon receipt of an answer, the following must be prepared and sent through another email:

a. Letter of request addressed to the Socius to the Provincial; c.c. copy to the Provincial. The Socius is the official to whom the Archivist and Assistant Archivist report directly. The Letter should state:

i. Request to do research at APP-SJ
ii. The topic being researched
iii. If needed, a request for permission to photograph
iv. Inclusive dates of the topic being researched
v. When the researcher plans to visit APP-SJ

b. CV or resume of the researcher (attachment or scanned form)

c. Letter of endorsement or recommendation (from a person of authority, e.g. university president, department chair, mentor, professor, government official, parish priest, local bishop; attachment or scanned form)

d. Digital photograph of the researcher (300 dpi, preferably saved as TIFF)


  1. Research fee is PhP500. This covers 20 archival hours and, if needed, a free printing up to 20 pages. If the researcher wishes to print more than the coverage of the research fee, an additional PhP20 per page is to be paid.
  2. This privilege only covers the approved topic. If the researcher wishes to extend the covered period, an additional PhP25 per hour is to be paid.


  1. Always be reminded, it is the exclusive right of the Archivist and Assistant Archivist to provide which sources, always in digital form, the researcher can only see.
  2. Please work silently.
  3. Bring your own paper; use of pencil is highly encouraged.
  4. When you bring a laptop, make sure it is fully charged.
  5. If you have permission to take a photo of a document or picture, you may do so as long as you do not use a flash.
  6. Should the researcher wishes to jump to another topic, he / she must go back to entire process.


The researcher must come to APP-SJ at the appointed hour.



To arrange an archives visit or to ask regarding the collection, kindly submit a request form.