The Formation Fund

Eight-newly-ordained-priests The Formation FundOrdination – April 12, 2014.

What is the cost of Jesuit training?

If accepted in the Prenovitiate, the applicant is asked be contribute some amount to help defray expenses undertaken by the Society. He is also expected to provide for his own personal needs while in the Prenovitiate.

Anyone, however, who is not able to meet these financial requirements can explain his situation to the Vocation Director, or to the Director of the Prenovitiate who will judge what arrangements are feasible. No one is refused admittance for purely financial reasons.

As soon as the candidate is accepted into the Novitiate, he has no more financial obligations. The Society, with the help of generous benefactors, takes care of financing his whole formation and training in the Society.

Stages in Jesuit Formation
1. Pre-Novitiate (0 to 2 years)
– exposure to Jesuit community and apostolic life

2. Novitiate (2 years)
– Spiritual Exercises, experiments and “trials“

3. Juniorate (1 year)
– Studies in Humanities and Communication

4. Philosophy (2 years)
– Studies in Philosophy

5. Regency (2 years)
– Teaching assignment
– Living in an Apostolic community

6. Theology (4 years)
– Studies in Theology
– Preparation for Ordination
7. Ordination

– Priestly Ministry

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