The Fund for the Elderly and Infirm

The righteous flourish like the palm tree. . . .  in old age they still produce fruit (Ps 92:12-14).

Updated: 9/22/16


There are 264 members of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus. Of this total, 67 are between 70-89 years old; 7 are 90 years old and above.  These include:   Sergio S. Su-94 yrs old and Peter Chuang Ching-Po-94 yrs. old

The Jesuit Health and Wellness Center (JHWC)

With the  completion of the Jesuit Health and Wellness Center last July, 2016, all the aged and infirm Jesuits reside here. They are as follows:

List of Residents
as of 2017 February
Room # Resident’s Name Nicknames Date of Birth Age
1 101 Fr Juan Bonafe, S.J. Fr Bon 8/19/1928 88
2 103 Fr Sergio Su, S.J. Fr Su 11/12/1922 94
3 104 Fr Simplicio Sunpayco, S.J. Fr Sim 3/2/1929 87
4 201 Bro Faustino Refuerzo, S.J. Bro Ref 5/22/1928 88
5 202 Fr Alfredo Balinong, S.J. Fr Freddie 12/9/1933 83
6 203 Fr Robert Hogan, S.J. Fr Bob 2/16/1933 84
7 204 Fr William Malley, S.J. Fr Bill 6/17/1933 83
8 205 Fr John Hagileiram Fr John 1/14/1952 65
9 206 Fr Victor Helly, S.J. Fr Vic 9/21/1923 93
10 207 Fr Roque Ferriols, S.J. Fr Roque 8/16/1924 92
11 209 Fr Raymond Miller, S.J. Fr Ray 9/16/1929 87
12 210 Fr Rafael Borromeo, S.J. Fr Borro 2/16/1931 86
13 211 Fr William McGarry, S.J. Fr Bill 2/15/1928 89
14 212 Fr Francisco Perez, S.J. Fr Kiko 10/10/1927 89
15 213 Fr Joseph Roche, S.J. Fr Roche 6/14/1928 88
16 301 Fr Peter Chuang Ching-po, S.J. Fr Peter 11/10/1922 94
17 302 Fr Florencio Cuerquis, S.J. Fr Loloy 11/6/1935 81
18 303 Fr Jesus Fernandez, S.J. Fr Jess 6/28/1931 85
19 304 Fr Renato Puentevella, S.J. Fr Ning 10/23/1924 92
20 305 Fr Simeon Reyes, S.J. Fr Si 2/11/1930 87
21 306 fr James O’donnell, S.J. Fr Jim 4/25/1931 85
22 307 Fr Julian Hernando, S.J. Fr Julian 2/13/1928 89
23 308 Fr Amado Cruz, S.J. Fr Amado 11/4/1942 74
24 309 Fr Antonio Bautista, S.J. Fr Tony 6/13/1924 92
25 ICU Bro Calixto Silverio, S.J. Bro Tito 4/20/1940 76
26 ICU Fr Mariano Varela, S.J. Fr Mar 10/29/1923 93

Some of  our Aging Jesuit Priests

The Mission of the Jesuits in the Infirmary

dsc_1506ed_27705970455_o-224x150 The Fund for the Elderly and Infirm

Tex Paurom, SJ (second from L, standing) and JHWC staff members. Jesuit priests included here are: From left: Fr Julian Hernando, Fr Antonio Bautista, Fr Simeon Reyes, Fr Renato Puentevella, Fr, Robert Hogan, Fr Victor Helly and Fr Raymond Miller

No Jesuit is ever without a mission. The men in the JHWC are missioned to pray for the Society of Jesus and all of God’s people. These men are our prayer warriors, our constant intercessors both for the mission of the Province and especially for all our benefactors, our partners in mission. The Province Infirmary is managed by Medical City and overseen by Fr. Tex Paurom S.J., MD.

Partner with Us in Providing Health Care for our Senior Jesuits

All the earnings of a Jesuit during his active life go to his community in support of the common life. Jesuits, however, do not have retirement packages. Thus when a Jesuit can no longer be engaged in active ministry, he is supported by his community and/or the Philippine Jesuit Province. The men in the JHWC are supported by the Province.

The growing number of older Jesuits has caused health care costs to rise beyond the level where they can easily be covered by the resources of the Philippine Jesuit Province.  Any help to provide compassionate and competent care for our elderly and infirm Jesuits is deeply appreciated.

Health Care Costs of the Men in the Infirmary

Per Month, in Pesos Per Year
Monthly medicine costs for 25-27  men in the Infirmary* 529,000 6, 348,000
Total cost of the JHWC ** 1,505,000 18,060,000

*As of September, 2016 Medicine costs is for recent period when JHWC had 25-27 Jesuits.

**Excluding diagnostic charges and professional fees (when they consult or engage specialists).