The mission continues: The Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus

The Jesuit Formation

Jesuits in the Philippines are prepared for ministry through a long and rigorous process of formation.  The formation of Jesuits for priesthood takes 11-12 years, indeed a considerable period of time.  For quality service requires quality preparation.  The costs of formation over so many years are very high.  For many years, the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus has managed to cover the cost.  But with rising costs, the Philippine Province is beginning to feel heavily the financial responsibilities of its mission.


The impact of the Jesuits in the Philippines is extraordinary and unparalleled.  They are probably best known as caring and gifted educators, but they are also deeply committed to community service, apostolic missions and religious vocations.0004-372x150 The mission continues: The Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus

Over the years, so many Jesuits have lived, worked and died in the Philippines.  This is what they do – give their all, no matter what the cost.  Today there less than 300 Jesuits in the Philippine Province, of which 100 are over 70 years old, and so many of them are infirm in one way or another.  Their health and medical care have taken its toll on the finances of the Jesuits.

We appeal to our lay partners to honor and support these deserving men with your kindness, thoughtful prayers, and with your generous donations.

Jesuit Mission

Our Jesuit priests are called to bring hope, reconciliation and peace into situations of hopelessness, strife and enmity.  They are missioned to Bukidnon to serve the people in Zamboanguita and especially the indigenous people in the surrounding mountains, to the poor people and former lepers of Culion, to the prisoners of Muntinlupa, to the sick at Philippine General Hospital, to direct the Emmaus Center to provide counselling for religious and priests, and even to Myanmar, Cambodia and East Timor.

Wherever they are assigned, our Jesuit priests cannot do the work alone.  In most places where they serve, the people have very little money to put in the collection box.

tinaytayan-Elementary-School-Childrens-Mass-444x150 The mission continues: The Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus

Tinaytayan Elementary School Children’s Mass – ” The only school in Miarayon with no covered hall to keep children safe from rains and the heat during out of class acttivities. But the children don’t complain.” – Fr. Noel Bava, SJ

We appeal to our friends to join our priests in their mission with prayers and through generous contributions to their apostolic works.



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